The Art of the New

Branding   |   Creative Direction   |   Illustration   |  Transcreation   |   Artworking

Launching two new digital sheet-fed printers as part of their Art of the New showcase,  Ricoh Europe wanted a refreshing, different type of promotional creative.

Instead of showing the printers (essentially, large grey boxes), we wanted to unveil what they could do! We named the campaign “The Power Of Colour” and created a vibrant illustration of the most powerful animal in the amazon – the Jaguar – for use in promotional materials and exhibition creative. 

Teamed with some equally powerful copy, Ricoh Europe later launched a highly successful Direct Mail campaign. It was one of the first campaigns launched by Ricoh Europe that many of their Operating Countries across Europe wanted to launch locally as well, and we had to translate the campaign into over 20 different languages! 

The jaguar is still widely used for promotional materials today, and if you visit Ricoh Europe’s head office in London, you’ll see it applied to a wall, 7 metres wide!