Focus on the gaps…

Do you know the first lesson rally drivers are taught?

Focus on the Gaps!

Why? Well, imagine you are hurtling through a Forest in Wales at over 70mph, there is a strong likelihood of leaving the road. A true ability to focus on Gaps is really important, otherwise you are in danger of hitting a tree. Unless you received a Virgin experience day for Christmas, chances are you aren’t planning a rally driving session anytime soon. However, you can test this theory the next time you are rushing to grab a train at, say, London Paddington… a true focus on the Gaps will get you through the crowds of oncoming commuters much faster, and it will mean avoiding the awkward dance you see people do as they try to avoid bumping into each other!

A laser like focus is critical for success in learning, in sport, in business and in life. As Tony Robbins says, “One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus.”

If there’s one New Year’s Resolution worth putting at the top of the list for 2019, I would suggest it’s Focus. Your life is controlled by what you focus on, so why not focus on what you really want, not on the potential for failure?

We wish you all the best of success for the year and please, remember to focus on the Gaps.