Orange France – RFP

Project Details

  • Client: Asurion – Orange France
  • Tasks: Video Production/Post, Design, Production


If you have ever solicited an RFP for services and then held a presentation, you will know that they can be painful at times. Asurion wanted to not only demonstrate their expertise and capability within France, its was essential to tell the story of enrolment, claim and 24 hour replacement. No matter how effective the powerpoint or skill of the presenter, the story would be best told by capturing the attention, emotion and imagination of the audience. There isn’t a greater way to achieve this than with an audio visual experience. Bring out the film crew!

With only a few weeks to the presentation, the Creative team sprang into action with story board in hand and headed off to Paris. Filming took place over a three day trip ensuring we captured the client purchase, enrolment, claim and logistics of replacement. The team edited the rushes to create a unique short story, which was loaded onto bespoke video brochures, neatly presented within branded boxes with marketing collateral and response documents.